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Samsung invests in flash storage startup Fusion-io

Posted by Hassan Saif on October 22, 2009

Looking to secure a stronger foothold in the fast-growing flash storage business, Samsung has announced today it is investing “millions” in startup company Fusion-io. The undisclosed cash injection will reportedly see Fusion-io working closely with Samsung, which is already a big player in the NAND flash market, on evaluating technology for new applications of solid-state storage.

Fusion-io specializes in fast storage devices that plug directly into PCI Express slots, rather than SSDs using traditional HDD form factors and SATA interfaces. Their enterprise-class ioDrive Duo, for instance, offers up to 640GB of storage and read rates of up to 1,500MB/s. A gamer-oriented ioXtremeto shame. version is also available for around $895, boasting 80GB of MLC storage and an average bandwidth of 520MB/s — enough to put even Intel’s SLC-based X25-E Extreme drive


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