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VIA intros Nano 3000 Series processors

Posted by Hassan Saif on November 4, 2009

VIA has announced its new Nano 3000 Series processors, which are said to offer enhanced digital media performance and less power consumption for ultrathin notebooks and all-in-one desktops. The new line brings strong competition to Intel’s Atom CPU, and consists of six 64-bit Isaiah-based chips.

VIA’s Nano 3000 processors are clocked between 1GHz and 2GHz with an 800MHz FSB, and feature SSE4 instructions, hardware virtualization, and Windows 7 and Linux compatibility. Along with being 20% more power efficient than current-gen Nano processors, they are also said to be capable of delivering 20% more performance, and are able to play 1080p video.

The latest Nano chips use the same NanoBGA2 package, which should allow hardware vendors to easily upgrade existing systems. Samples are currently available for OEMs and motherboard vendors, and mass production will begin in the first quarter of next year.

Product Name    Speed       VIA V4 FSB     Idle Power

L3100                    2.0GHz        800MHz         500mW

L3050                    1.8GHz        800MHz         500mW

U3200                   1.4GHz        800MHz         100mW

U3100                   1.3+GHz      800MHz         100mW

U3300                   1.2GHz        800MHz         100mW

U3500                   1.0GHz        800MHz         100mW


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