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Nokia pushing back N8 release to fix last-minute software issues

Posted by Hassan Saif on October 8, 2010

If news of the augmented-reality-esque Plug and Touch system Nokia demoed for its upcoming Symbian^3 N8 phone got you excited about the smartphone’s imminent release, we’ve got some good news and bad news for you. Nokia is putting in a last-minute push to make sure the phone is as bug-free and stable as possible, but that means that you won’t be getting your hands on an N8 this month, with an October ship date now looking like the earliest and even a November one possible.

For all the hubbub over iOS, Android, and the occasional BlackBerry device, Symbian, despite being more popular globally, doesn’t find itself in the spotlight as often. That’s likely to change as Symbian^3 is finally revealed along with the N8.

Symbian^3 open-sources the operating system, similar to Android, and adds new graphics capabilities and user interface improvements over previous Symbian releases. The N8 will be the first of a handful of models about to be released on the new platform, so it’s understandable that Nokia wants to be extra careful that its new headlining smartphone isn’t a lemon. The software fixes should be completed within the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Nokia has stepped up and commented on the rumors surrounding news that the company’s N8 smartphone is being delayed to iron out some last-minute software issues. It didn’t delve into the source of these claims, leaving us wondering just what, if any, software tweaks are forthcoming.

What Nokia did manage to say was that, considering circumstances surrounding the shipping and distribution of N8s to different carriers, it couldn’t promise just one set-in-stone launch date. Instead, it remains committed to beginning N8 shipments by the end of the third quarter, indicating a late-September ship date, and said that those who placed pre-orders should expect their N8s to show up in October, without getting more specific than that.


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