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Toshiba’s Naked-Eye 3D TVs Up And Close

Posted by Hassan Saif on October 8, 2010


There’s one company that won the CEATEC this year: Toshiba. Sure, their Android tablet is nice and all, but it’s nothing special. But what is attracting hundreds and hundreds of people to the Toshiba booth is the two naked-eye 3D TVs the company recently announced, the first of their kind. While all big electronics makers try to push their 3D TVs that require glasses, Toshiba is showing its competitors what consumers really want (at least those who want 3D at all).

To recap, there will be two versions, a 20-inch LCD with 1,280×720 resolution, Toshiba’s Cell processor, LED backlight, an HDMI interface, a USB port, LAN, and REGZA Link; the 12-inch model features just 466×350 resolution and no CELL engine. In addition to the ports of the bigger model, it also has a SD card slot and a built-in 1Seg TV tuner (1Seg is Japan’s digital mobile TV standard).

As reported, images can be viewed in 3D when users look at the screen in one of nine distinct viewing angles.



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